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Second Circuit: Territorial Imperative

Pa pa pitter patter pasture pattern patrol foster pastor patriarchy patrician protect power power power power power

It’s the Wolf Flow logic
Mark your territory
Secure in a circle of urine-soaked boundaries
Pissing in a sea of predator and prey
A theater of threats to be held at bay
I come from a long line of those who survived
By doing what it takes to stay alive
It’s safer to be feared than ignored
From underdog to overlord
That’s the Wolf Flow logic
Mark your territory  

Yeah, the Wolf Flow Logic
Mark your territory
Better bow before your authority
As you scale the pyramid of hierarchies
You stick with us and here’s what we’ll do
We’ll extend our strong-arm of protection to you
Protection from what? Protection from who?
From what we’re gonna do if you don’t join our crew
Participation is mandatory
That’s the Wolf Flow Logic
Know your enemy

Wolf Flow Logic
Mark your territory
It’s a racket of protection natural selection
And the gang is sharpening its fangs
Preying to overtake the game
The status quo fueled by pride
Claiming turf with every stride
Tread upon your neighbors’ heads
Join the hunt if you wanna get fed
That’s the Wolf Flow logic
You’re in or you’re out
And if you’re out, if you’re out, you’re dead

Follow Wolf Flow Logic
Mark your territory
Map out the pattern of patriarchy
Leaving behind a bloody legacy
Excreting its laws all over history
Priests and kings and daddy makes three
Trapping seeds in the nuclear family tree
You’re not the only one who can get uppity
That’s just how a bitch gotta be
Marking her territory
Yeah, the Wolf Flow Logic
Welcome to the Wolf Flow Lodge

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